The buzz around athleisure continues to develop these past few years. With more people getting into the trend, it is not surprising why the popularity of it remains at an increasing trend.

While many see the market of athleisure wear now becoming saturated, experts and analysts believe that it is here to stay. Before we get to the specifics of tell-tale signs, let’s briefly discuss the core of athleisure. These include the start and rise of the trend, as well as where it is today.

There is a reason why it has become popular, and why it is trending in this day and age.

Where It All Started

It is apparently difficult to pinpoint the starting point of athleisure. But, experts suggest that the style has been around since the early ’20s.

At that time, though, the term “athleisure” had yet to be coined. Nevertheless, many people, especially sports enthusiasts, were already into it.

It was not until the '70s when fitness clothing items became more apparent. As noted, this was the era when fitness mania came to the spotlight.

As more individuals become conscious of their fitness regimens and routines, the desire to obtain more clothing items and accessories to help them achieve their fitness goals also becomes evident. Accordingly, the supply and access became wide, considering the demand had increased.

The Rise of Athleisure

While the existence of athleisure wear has been around for decades, the rise only became apparent in the 21st century. Based on reports and data, the actual trend began to have a spike in the last decade.

As years passed by, the demand and supply further skyrocketed. There are also several driving factors into it, including culture and generation.

Then, came the pre-pandemic era, where the athleisure trend has received more buzz and attention. In 2019 and 2020 alone, the top global clothing brands were revealed to be the names that offer activewear to the market.

All The Signs Telling Athleisure Trend Is Here To Stay

It Is Here To Stay, And The Signs Are Here

Several signs tell athleisure is here to stay for good. Others may be skeptical of it but, there are already pieces of evidence to this conclusion.

Here are some of the points that you may want to look at, why experts and analysts are coming up with this notion:

Consumer's Desire

One of the top tell-tale signs of why athleisure is here to stay is the evident desire of the consumers. When there is demand, there is always a supply.

As you will notice today, many people are getting into the trend. As this dynamic continues, so is the revolution of fashion and clothing through athleisure wear.

The desire and demand factors are abstract bases. This means that no one knows how long these will last. But, the trend continues to go upward, and as long as this remains, the supply will follow.

There are various reasons why there is a demand. Among all, though, it is the want and need for convenience, efficiency, and reliability toward having a healthy lifestyle.

Retailer's Adaptation

The desire to meet the supply comes from the retailer’s and brand’s parts. To fully meet the public’s wants and needs, adaptation goes forward.

As this relationship develops further, and suppliers continue to adapt to the call of times, there will always be a selection of athleisure products for the consumers to choose from on the market. Hence, the more they adapt, the more their wants and needs will grow.

This kind of link is one of the base reasons why experts deem athleisure as a sure thing of the future. Analyses of the market even show that it will grow and expand further, despite being a multi-billion industry already in recent times.

Adaptive Clothing

When companies and brands adapt, this would materialize in the product offerings. Hence, all the needs and wants of the consumers will be met, causing them to splurge more on these items.

But, aside from this aspect, athleisure clothing pieces themselves are an adaptive type of apparel. Considering that they cater to both fitness regimens and day-to-day activities, everyone can utilize them for whatever occasion or event.

Also, the more adaptation happens, the more the items can answer the customers’ desires. So, it would no longer come as a surprise when all types of clothing items would be touched by the athleisure trend.


Part of the reason why many people are becoming patrons of athleisure wear is the application of various innovative solutions to the products. Some of these innovations include the ability of the clothes to wick away sweat, protect the wearer further from several external variables, and manage body temperature.

Gone are the days when people had to consider these factors before choosing their clothes for different activities. Because of the technological applications, people can wear almost any athleisure wear without worrying whether it would provide discomfort and inconvenience to their respective days.

Moreover, as these innovations continue to grow further, more people will realize how essential these items are in their lifestyles.

All The Signs Telling Athleisure Trend Is Here To Stay

Functional, Yet Comfortable Lifestyle

Athleisure clothing items offer the utmost comfort to the wearers. This is one of the base reasons behind the evident patronage of the products. Who would not want comfort, right?

Gone are the days when people had to choose between fit and function, as well as fashion and comfort. This is because athleisure wear can offer both.

Whether you are meticulous about your appearance and style or conscious of comfort and convenience, whatever you prefer, athleisure clothing products and accessories offer these variables.

As the public realizes this further, who would go back to having it only one way? Accordingly, it is logical why people would want this trend more as time passes by.

Celebrity Endorsements

The athleisure trend becomes more popular today because of the endorsements. Celebrities and personalities across the globe are also getting into it, causing more people to follow the dynamic.

In marketing, celebrity endorsements are very effective tools to market products. While it may not come as genuine for some, celebrities themselves are becoming patrons of the trend because of the benefits they obtain from athleisure wear.

As celebrities continue to vocalize their love for the products, their followers will likely continue to do, as well, causing more desire and patronage toward the items to take place.

Micro-Influencers' Attestations

Apart from celebrities, there are also several micro-influencers who endorse these kinds of items today. These endorsements are more effective to those who are skeptical of brands utilizing celebrities for marketing.

As you may know, these micro-influencers are more honest and vocal about their actual opinions. Accordingly, followers of the influencers have more trust toward these individuals.

But, considering how beneficial athleisure wear has become in their respective lifestyles, it appears that there is nothing negative to say about these items. Hence, this dynamic provides more trust and genuine desire for the products.

Lifestyle Changes

As noted, the start and rise of athleisure wear partly came from the need and want to change lifestyle. More and more individuals are becoming conscious of their health, as well as their ways of living.

The things that they are becoming conscious of, are exactly the factors that athleisure wear is targeting. This explains why the trend continues to grow as more individuals want to revolutionize their lifestyles.

All The Signs Telling Athleisure Trend Is Here To Stay

Activewear at Work

Athleisure clothing items, by definition, are utilized both for fitness routines and casual activities. But, because of the innovations and adaptations, as well as the incorporation of fashion and style, more options are becoming available on the market.

This is why you will now notice several athleisure clothing items that are also applicable for smart and formal events. You will even see collections and product lines specifically designed for the workplace.

As this option continues to expand, it is not surprising why many people are now getting into the trend, as well. Considering that they can now experience comfort and convenience while looking fashionable, smart, and presentable, there is no question about its continued success.

Athleisure Footwear

Apart from the clothing items, athleisure now also offers various accessories and other style essentials, like footwear. This then allows more people to get into this type of clothing style because the offers, as well the complementing options, are already existing.

These days, the athleisure footwear market has outperformed several other footwear sectors, including even performance pairs. Moreover, experts and analysts deem that the fine line between casual footwear and athletic footwear continues to blur, as it did for clothing because of the athleisure trend.

All The Signs Telling Athleisure Trend Is Here To Stay

Let Your First-Hand Experience Be The Basis

These are only some of the apparent reasons why athleisure is sure to stay for good. If you are just starting to build your athleisure wardrobe, you may certainly have doubts and questions about this dynamic.

But, if you get the hang of it, you will know why it has become a trend, and why it has continued to build up its sure existence in the world of fashion and clothing.