Wearing the right gym clothes and activewear pieces for your fitness routines offers tons of benefits. Aside from making you feel more confident and determined to do your exercises, what you wear also impacts your overall performance.

Of course, this is in consideration of whether you are doing your workout routines and poses properly. If you are then, great.

But, did you know that there is also another thing that you need to check if you are doing it properly? The truth is - you have to consider this thought, as well, when talking about gym clothes.

As it happens, many people make common mistakes with their activewear pieces. If you are new to this, then you have probably done a few of these things, as well.

Worry not, though, as this post may help you on the right path. Keep in mind that not correcting these mistakes may result in the degradation of the quality of the items. Moreover, these wrongdoings may even lead to damage and breakage of the clothing pieces.

Common Mistakes You Are Making With Your Activewear

Mistakes Most People Make With Their Gym Clothes, Activewear

Here are the top and most common mistakes that many people make with their gym clothes and other activewear pieces. Whether intentional or not, these things should be corrected and avoided as much as possible.

Not Taking It As An Investment

One of the most common mistakes that many people make is that they don’t treat their activewear items and pieces as investments. While they are, indeed, clothing items and accessories that you may purchase again on the market, keep in mind that they don’t come with cheap price tags.

Also, every piece entails special features and designs that can help you with your fitness and workout activities. This is why you should take good care of them, especially if you want them to last as long as they should.

As an investment, this also means that you have to purchase the most appropriate and fitting items for your needs. Moreover, you have to consider where you are buying them, ensuring that you are getting your money’s worth.

Failing to take them as investments may become a significant loss on your end. You may end up spending tons of cash, again and again, to meet your gym clothing needs in the future.

Failing To Wash After Usage

Another common mistake that many individuals make is failing to wash their gym clothes after their fitness sessions. There is always the temptation to rest and hang around wearing your activewear pieces after taking long hours inside the gym.

While you may experience comfort, especially after sitting on the sofa or lying around the bedroom, this is a very big mistake that you should correct or avoid as much as possible.

Primarily, your clothing pieces will always get bacteria around the gym. Aside from the external surroundings, you will produce a lot of sweat, causing bacteria and other unwanted factors to stick in and permeate the fabric of the clothes.

Secondly, considering that activewear items have the ability to absorb sweat, the oils and odor will stick, as well, especially after having a sweat-filled exercise routine.

To ensure that no bacteria will hang around in these items, including oils and odors, as well, you have to wash them as soon as possible, and avoid staying in these items after you finish your regiment.

Apart from keeping your clothes clean and ensuring the quality not to degrade, you are also keeping yourself from obtaining skin diseases or issues.

Common Mistakes You Are Making With Your Activewear

Using Too Much and Wrong Detergent

Using too much detergent is another mistake you should either correct or avoid. Many people think that the more laundry soap they use, the better because the clothes items will be much cleaner. However, this is not actually the case.

When you use too much detergent, it may leave excess residue on the activewear pieces. Apart from the unappealing appearance, this will encourage the trapping of smells and odors. Accordingly, the clothes will remain stinky and sweaty even after washing them.

Aside from this, using too much and the wrong detergent may degrade the quality of the activewear pieces. In fact, it may even cause damages and breakages, especially if the detergent has tons of chemicals in it.

So, ensure to use the right amount of soap and the right type, as well. In most cases, the most appropriate soaps are the ones that do not have too many fragrances.

Placing It In A Dryer

Another big no-no when it comes to gym clothes is putting them on a dryer after the washing process. While it may seem a convenient option, especially when you are running out of time, it is worth noting that dryers can damage the features and functionalities that your activewear clothes offer.

When you use a dryer after washing the items, this can damage the shape and structure of the clothes. Consequently, it reduces the quality of the garments, as well as even breaks the technical aspects of the fabrics and build.

To give you an example, spandex and lycra are some of the common fabrics of activewear garments. When you place such items in the dryers, they will be left brittle and broken due to the heat. Moreover, they have the tendency to shrink.

Common Mistakes You Are Making With Your Activewear

Using It Not According To The Activity They Are Made For

One of the common mistakes in the aspect of activewear usage is people utilizing them far different from what they are designed for. For instance, you are practicing your yoga routines and poses. Using jogging pants or runner’s leggings is not the ideal and fitting choice.

You must remember that each activewear garment and piece is designed according to a specific activity or sport. If you are taking laps for your cardio, you do not want to use yoga pants as these activities have different needs and requirements.

Many people seemingly think that as long as they are under the activewear section, they are already applicable for usage in all other types of exercises, routines, and activities. But, this is not the case, at all.

Apart from endangering the quality of the materials, you are also decreasing the chance for you to execute your routines effectively and efficiently. Moreover, wearing improper sets of clothing may even lead to injuries and accidents.

Maintenance and Care Tips You Should Know

Now that you learn the common mistakes, and understand why they are mistakes in the first place, here are some pointers that may help you maintain and take good care of the quality of your gym clothes and other activewear items:

Common Mistakes You Are Making With Your Activewear

After Using

After finishing your workout or gym session, your activewear garments and accessories will certainly be wet and soggy from all the sweat and oils that your body will produce. In order to maintain the quality of the items, make sure to air them out before washing them.

Take them out from your gym bag or take them off from yourself and hang all of the wet items. Despite not being too wet, it is best to air dry them first before you take them to wash them with soap and water.

When Washing

As mentioned above, using too much detergent may cause damage to your clothing items. So, you must weigh how much you would need to be able to use the right amount for a batch.

Aside from the amount and quality of the detergent, you should not also use fabric conditioners. As it happens, they can damage the technical properties of the garments, including even their abilities to wick away sweat or antibacterial applications.

Experts recommend instead the usage of baking soda and lemon juice. Apart from being all-natural, they are very effective as cleaning agents. Also, try to wash every garment inside out. It is best for the inner section to be cleaned much more than the external part of the clothing items.

Avoid putting them on dryers, as well. After washing the items effectively, hang them up and allow the pieces to dry with the help of the air.

As noted, using dryers may damage the garments in all possible ways. Aside from the potential loss of shape and build, heat may shrink the clothing pieces and break the special features and properties of the items.

Common Mistakes You Are Making With Your Activewear

When Storing

When storing your activewear pieces, be sure to have clean and dry storage or wardrobe sections. This should be applied not only to your gym clothes but to all other clothing items that you have.

Also, you should not allow your used gym clothes to stay inside your gym bags. They are not meant to be stored inside them, especially when they are wet due to sweat.

Gym and fitness clothes are not fairly inexpensive. This is why you should take good care of every piece that you have in your wardrobe.

While you may have the money and resources to own tons of activewear pieces, it is still wise, ideal, and best to know whether you are making mistakes with your belongings. Apart from maintaining the quality of the items and making them last as long as they can, you are saving time, effort, and cost in the long run.