Regular exercise is essential. Whether you are doing it in the comfort of your own home or in an established gym or fitness center, working out is beneficial to your overall health.

But, did you know that that doesn’t stop there? As it happens, you have to consider your clothing pieces, as well.

This may surprise you a lot. But, there is a reason why some fitness apparel cost more than others. There is also a basis as to why people keep buying them.

This post will help you understand why and how these things matter to your exercise and workout activities. Moreover, this will allow you to understand further the essence and point of wearing the right fitness clothing items.

How What You Wear Affects Your Workout

Athletic Wear and Sportswear Are Investments

The first thing that you need to understand is that athletic wear and sportswear are investments. They are not only designed for you to sweat in or to make you look good as you do your workout and exercise routines. The truth is - they are more than that.

Just like any designer handbag or signature tops, they have their base functions but they also have other features that will help you in your activities. The same is also true for any athletic wear and sportswear.

This is why it is essential for you to know which one is the best and most appropriate for your case.


Why It Matters

The main point, in this case, is that your chosen clothing pieces for your fitness activities and routines have impacts on your overall performance. This is why it is essential and why it matters significantly.

Of course, you want these “impacts” to be advantageous and beneficial, as much as possible. You can only achieve this when you choose the right and appropriate pieces.

Before diving deeper into the exact items that you should have, though, you must learn first how your clothing pieces affect your workout. Believe it or not, it can make or break your entire fitness regimen.

How Does It Impact Your Workout

Here are the base arguments as to how what you wear affects your exercise and workout routines. These points will make it clear why you have to consider your outfits, as well.

Make or Break Your Performance

The most important thing of all in this aspect is that your outfit can either make or break your entire performance. This is why you have specific preferences when you do your workouts.

While some people like a more covered ensemble for their fitness activities, others are more inclined to wearing much “less.” In most cases, the underlying factor here is comfortability.

The more comfortable they are, the better they perform. Conversely, the more conscious they are with their outfits and appearances, the lesser the focus they have toward their routines and exercises.

This applies all the same to the footwear and other accessories for your fitness sessions.

How What You Wear Affects Your Workout

Mind and Brain Booster

What you wear during your routines and sessions affects your overall mindset toward your exercises. There is reportedly a “mental shift” that happens when you wear specific clothes, especially the ones you preferred the most for your athletic endeavors.

A study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology states that “clothing influences behavior,” as well as attitude. Accordingly, your chosen clothing items and accessories change the way you act and perceive things subconsciously.

Therefore, when you wear something old, untidy, and baggy, these do not usually help you put your head in the game. On the other hand, when you wear a more fitting set of gear, you feel more pumped up to do your routines, resulting in a much better performance.

In this aspect, this only goes to show how your fitness clothes can boost your mind and brain during your exercises.

Intimidation and Confidence

Aside from being a mind and brain booster, your clothes have impacts on your confidence. It even has the “intimidation” factor that plays an essential role, as well, in your self-esteem.

Experts claimed that there is physiological power behind any outfit. This is the reason why athletes wear specific designs and styles for their games and competitions.

As noted, an athlete may feel or see a “psychological edge” over his opponents when wearing certain clothing pieces. Accordingly, the “intimidation” factor has apparent relations to the overall confidence.

It is also worth noting that there is a psychological phenomenon known as the “enclothed cognition.” This asserts that clothing pieces and accessories have the ability to “trigger mental changes” resulting in positive impacts on confidence and performance levels.

In a much simpler approach, the better you look because of your clothing items, the more confident you would be. Hence, when it comes to gym sessions and fitness routines, investing in a more appropriate and appealing set of clothes and gear would help you feel a lot better and more confident as if you can conquer anything during your workout.

Safety and Protection

Sport and gym injuries almost always happen because of the lack of care and security. These include one’s clothing choices when finishing a workout session. In short, your gym and fitness clothes can affect your overall safety and security.

Wearing the right items may help prevent injuries and accidents. They may also provide the utmost protection against strain and even overheating.

Aside from these things, did you know that your clothing pieces have effects on your skin? Keep in mind that you will sweat a lot in your fitness sessions, whether it may be strenuous or not. So, you have to consider that your pores will be open, and your skin is sensitive during this period.

Accordingly, your clothes and accessories will have a direct impact on your skin. This is why it is crucial to choose the right and quality fabric to protect you from harm. Failing to do so may result in rashes, irritations, and itching.

Comfort and Functionality

Comfort and functionality are other aspects that have something to do with your fitness apparel, and these things affect your overall workout. As mentioned, people have specific preferences when it comes to their clothing pieces. In most cases, comfortability is the top factor being considered.

Some brands and labels today offer several types of athletic wear and sportswear, including those that can regulate and even control body temperature. This is just one functionality that such clothing items now offer to the public.

Keep in mind that an intense workout session will make you sweat and feel hot. Choosing items that retain moisture, leaving a bit heavy and damp, will most certainly make you uncomfortable to go on. This then would affect your overall mood and mindset, causing even to make you to stop and reschedule the rest of your session.

So, it is always best to choose an ensemble that will elicit comfort. They are those that are usually light and breathable pieces. Therefore, ensure to have these kinds of clothes in your fitness wardrobe.

How What You Wear Affects Your Workout

Vital Role In Overall Performance

Now that you have learned why it matters to give considerations to your fitness clothing pieces, as well as the direct effects on your workout sessions, let’s discuss the essential roles of these pieces to your overall exercise regimen. The base question in this aspect is how specific clothing items can improve your performance.

Here are some points you may want to check to understand this matter further:

Drag-Reducing Bodysuits

Drag-reducing bodysuits exist for a reason. Olympic swimmers and speed skaters, as well as other Winter Olympics athletes, wear these items because they enhance performance.

As the name states, it reduces the “drag,” which is the force that athletes have to move against the fastest to win the race.

This is a perfect example of how wearing the right clothing pieces affects and improves the performance of a person. For instance, you center your workout sessions on swimming. To be able to boost your performance in this sport, you have to wear such bodysuits to speed up your game and improve further on your endeavor.

Compression Clothing Pieces

Compression clothing items are essential to any active person. Keep in mind that circulation is one of the top priorities when doing exercises and workout routines.

Wearing such pieces help regulate and control the travel system of your blood throughout your body. They help transport blood and oxygen more efficiently and effectively in all body parts.

Accordingly, this makes your entire workout session more effective and efficient. The better blood circulation your body has, the better performance you would have.

Aside from regulating and managing circulation, there are also other benefits that compression clothing items can provide to the wearer. These include the decreased muscle vibration, increased endurance, better muscle recovery, and even lowered risks of obtaining injuries.

Heat-Regulating Items

Heat-regulating items are also another essential set of clothes that you should have in your fitness wardrobe. They can improve your overall performance because they help maintain the heat balance of your body.

It is worth noting that retained heat due to exercises and workout routines causes tissue temperature to rise. The resulting scenarios include additional physical stress, heat exhaustion, and strength or intensity loss.

You do not want to experience these things in the middle of a workout session. When you do, you will force yourself to either stop or delay your exercising period. As a result, you won’t feel that much accomplished.

A better explanation for this type of sportswear is that they help heat to leave your body in the middle of a workout. This is because wearing these items will not only help you sweat but they help evaporate the sweat.

How What You Wear Affects Your Workout

Aesthetically Intimidating

As pointed out earlier, there is an intimidation factor to what you are wearing amid your workout sessions. Having this effectively in your overall regimen is helpful because aesthetics boost self-esteem, confidence, and your mindset.

Experts said that if clothes make the man, then in sport, uniform makes the athlete. This is one of the top reasons why uniforms have a specific style, color, and design.


The Right Workout Clothes for You

The right workout clothes for you will vary depending on several factors. You will be the one to determine which sets will work best on your case.

But, despite this, there are some significant variables that you have to consider that will help you find the right items. Here are some of them:

All About Fabric

There are several types of fabric that are utilized in athletic wear and sportswear. But, while they function well, only a few are ideal for every workout session.

When choosing clothes for your fitness sessions, look for the ones that have polypropylene. These fabrics are perfect for exercise and other activities that will make you sweat a lot. This is because the fabric allows the sweat to evaporate immediately and effectively.

Cotton is a tricky choice of fabric for fitness clothing items and accessories. While such pieces absorb sweat, they do not help evaporate causing the wearer to feel heavy and damp.

Another point to consider under fabric is the ones that do not breathe. You should avoid these items as much as possible because they will retain sweat and keep your body temperature high.

Fabrics that do not breathe include rubber-based and plastic-based materials. You do not want these types in your fitness wardrobe.

The Appropriate Fit

Getting the right fit is another consideration you must regard when buying or choosing fitness clothes. There are tons of ways to determine the most appropriate fit for your body and your workout type.

Generally, though, wearing loose and comfortable pieces is the most recommendable in this aspect. But, this comes with reservations as you do not want to wear such items when running or biking. The reason being is that loose pants or wide-legged pairs may get tangled up in the pedals or in your feet.

For yoga and Pilates sessions, you may want to wear fitted clothes with fabrics that wick away the sweat. Keep in mind that stretchability and flexibility are the top things to consider in these activities because of the routines.

In the end, when determining the right fit for you, you should think of whether the clothes will hinder or restrain you from doing routines and poses. If it does, then it is not the ideal option.

Factoring Seasonal Changes

Weather conditions also play an essential role when choosing the right sportswear or athletic wear for you. It is worth noting that your entire ensemble will have to change depending on the season, especially if you do your routines outdoors.

For wet or windy conditions, the best way to avoid ruining your exercise period is by wearing an extra layer of clothing material to protect your skin from rain or strong wind. During this season, make sure to cover yourself from any other external elements that may stop you from continuing your workout session.

As for cold weather seasons, you have to dress warmly. However, ensure that your clothing pieces are removable because you will be exercising, and this will boost your heart rate, as well as your body temperature.

Meanwhile, during warm or hot weather conditions, wear breathable pieces. Make sure, though, that these items can wick the sweat away.

How What You Wear Affects Your Workout

All About The Essentials

Going to the gym or attending a workout session is not a fashion show. But, looking good with the right set of clothes and accessories are highly encouraged because it helps improve the overall performance of the activity.

Even so, before going into the style and aesthetics, make sure that you know your essentials. Here is a quick guide that you may want to check:


One of the top things that you should have in your fitness bag or wardrobe is your bodywear. Depending on the type of your workout, your sets of clothes will vary.

The points given above will help you determine the most appropriate types and sets of ensembles you should utilize. Overall, though, use and keep clothes and suits that will provide comfort and functionality.


The essentials that should be in your footwear and footgear list are runners, trainers, flip-flops, and socks. Although it is not a requirement to have these all in your wardrobe, it is highly recommendable, especially if you rotate your workout routines and exercises.

When looking for trainer pairs, make sure that you try them out before buying them. Try to walk in them with your socks on, as well as even jump up and down.

For runners, your pair should provide you with motion control and stability. There are several features and functionalities that are now available on the market that will cater to your unique needs. Nevertheless, it is best if you talk to a salesperson who knows the ins and outs of runners.


For women, undergarments should be well regarded. It is vital to own sets of reliable and efficient undergarments, like sports bras.

Keep in mind that a good piece provides enough support and minimizes excessive movements. The most recommended characteristics include the fabric being breathable, like Lycra mesh, and the fit being appropriate to your size.

It should fit snugly to provide enough support. But, it should restrict you or limit your range of motion. Also, make sure that you can still breathe comfortably.

As for the straps, be sure that they do not dig into your shoulders. The same applies to the band into your rib cage.


Aside from your bodywear, footwear, and undergarments, your essentials should also include the necessary accessories. This may surprise you but, you will need these things, especially if you do your workout sessions outside your home.

These include your toiletries, extra towels, and additional clothing items. Your gym or fitness bag should also have water jugs or bottles.

 How What You Wear Affects Your Workout

When Fashion Hits ‘Too Much’ The Gym

Wearing fitness clothes that will help you boost your confidence and motivate you to work out more effectively is the best kind of all. However, not all that boosts your confidence is appropriate in your fitness sessions. There are some things that are just a little too much when exercising.

Tight Clothing Items

Wearing too tight clothes is one example. This is not encouraged as it may hamper you from doing great in your workout routines. It may even cause problems in your own health due to accidents and injuries.

Aside from these things, tight pieces are also risky. It can reveal a little “too much,” and you will not want to have this kind of experience, especially in the outdoors.

It is not comfortable despite giving you the boost that you may need. When working out, your bodywear should always be comfortable and breathable.

Non-Supportive Essentials

As explained, undergarments are part of your essentials. For women, sports bras are very crucial in all types of workout regimens.

But, make sure that it provides the utmost support that your body needs. Failing to consider this may cause injuries. Experts even asserted that “bounce” is no the only thing that you will need to worry about when you wear unsupportive garments and clothing pieces.

For women who have moderate to large chests, non-supportive undergarments may even cause strains in the upper back and shoulder. So, it is always best to wear supportive items, especially if talking about undergarments for women.

All Glammed and Dolled-Up

There is nothing wrong with wearing a bit of lip gloss and face creams. But, it is entirely a different thing when you do your workouts with a full-glam make-up look.

If you are comfortable with it, no one else can take it away from you. However, you have to understand that sweating is a big part of exercising and working out.

When you sweat, excess oil and dirt build up under your skin. Wearing excess make-up will not help because it may irritate your skin, resulting even in breakouts.


Final Thoughts

These are all the points explaining how what you wear affects your workout. This is why it is essential that you consider every aspect of this matter, especially if you want to improve your performance.