Looking after your fitness and health is no longer a hobby. It has become a lifestyle, which many people are now focusing on, especially during these unprecedented times.

With this at hand, several people are now more attentive to their day-to-day choices, including even what they wear. Considering that their healthy activities have already become a significant part of their respective days, they find ways to make the incorporation a lot smoother and easier.

This, in part, plays a role as to why athleisure has become a thing today. But, what is athleisure, and why do you have to embrace it?

If you are wondering the same thing, this post may help you out.

All About Athleisure

It is not rocket science to understand what athleisure means. It basically comes from the words, “athletic” and “leisure.”

From the root words, you can already deduce what it denotes and entails. Even so, this simply refers to the fashion trend, which highlights activewear pieces that anyone can wear anytime and anywhere.

These clothing items offer comfort and convenience for fitness activities, as well as any other activities outside the gym. Whether it may be finishing chores inside your home or going for a grocery run, athleisure pieces can cover it all.

Keep in mind, though, that there is a fine line between athleisure and activewear. The latter refers to the clothing items that are mainly used and designed for fitness activities and workout routines.

It's Time To Embrace Athleisure, And Here's Why

The Rise of Athleisure: When Sport Meets Fashion

People may think that athleisure has only become a trend today. What many individuals do not realize is that these clothing items and pieces have already been around for decades.

The thinking that it has only arisen today comes after the continued widening of access to these items. As it happens, the number of brands and labels that offer such pieces persists to increase these past few years. Moreover, global charts and lists even see brands, like Nike, on top among all, showing just how much athleisure items have become a staple among the public.

You may be wondering if the popularity of the trend is the only reason why you need to embrace it. Although it plays a significant part in the equation, there are a lot more meaningful and vital bases to this.

Why You Need It To Embrace It Today

Here are some of the top reasons why it is already time for you to take charge and embrace athleisure wear:

Performance Fabrics Are Here To Stay

One of the things that made athleisure even more popular is the raw materials used in making the clothing items. The majority of the pieces feature performance fabrics, which offer various benefits and advantages. They have “mind-boggling properties” that increase the overall worth and value further, as well as the quality of the clothes.

Some of these properties include stain-resistant, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and temperature regulation. Although one may think that these things are only beneficial to people who work out and exercise, think again as they are very applicable, as well, to those activities that you do on a daily basis.

Because of these applications and properties, it is quite impossible for brands and labels to look away from these fabrics. Accordingly, it is here to stay and you may want to jump on board now to experience all the wonders that these clothing items can offer.

Sustainability and Durability

Apart from the properties and applications, most of the raw materials are eco-friendly, making them very sustainable. This is also one of the many reasons why people are becoming patrons of athleisure wear because the notion of helping the environment is apparent.

Alongside sustainability, consumers can also depend on the durability of these products. With the features and properties that they offer, they are in it for the long haul. Moreover, science and innovations today have paved the way for this aspect to develop further.

It's Time To Embrace Athleisure, And Here's Why

Productivity and Performance Booster

Another reason why you need to embrace athleisure now is because of clothing items’ ability to boost your productivity and overall performance. Whether it may involve your workout routines or your simple day-to-day chores, these can help you.

The main reason behind this is that athleisure wear items provide the utmost comfort and convenience. Gone are the days when you have to choose fit over function or fashion over convenience. This is because athleisure clothing can provide these things all at once.

So, apart from giving you comfort and convenience, this can also increase your confidence; and these factors all have significant parts to play in your productivity and performance.

Improves Safety and Security

You may want to embrace athleisure now because of the safety and security that you can experience and enjoy from the items. Considering that they are designed to help people with their fitness and workout sessions, the items can potentially cover you from any irritations.

It is worth noting that your skin is sensitive, especially after working out because your pores are open due to the release of sweat. Accordingly, you can ensure that the covered parts of your body will be safe from any external factors that may bring you irritations or harm.

Also, all the impressive properties and applications of these items help maximize your safety and security. For instance, temperature-regulating features will help your body to regulate its temperature, preventing you from experiencing too much heat or intense cold.

Impacts On Wellness Resolutions

You will not lose anything when you embrace athleisure. There is no harm in trying. So, why not start today?

In fact, from all the given points above, it appears that clothing items under this category offer benefits and advantages that can help you make your life more convenient. So, in short, the impacts of athleisure on your health and wellness are all positive.

It's Time To Embrace Athleisure, And Here's Why

Where You Should Start

Getting all hyped up to start your athleisure wardrobe? If you are, then great. But, if this is your first time, and it is likely because you are still here, looking for answers, this section may help you.

Here are the things you may want to know to get started. This will guide you to the essentials of an athleisure wardrobe.


When building an athleisure wardrobe, tops should be one of the priorities. There are a lot of options to choose from, when considering this category.

But, as a beginner in the trend, you must know the essentials first. From there, you can move forward with the other options.

For tops, the most basic ones include tees, both short and long-sleeves. Sweatshirts are also a staple, as well as pullovers.

You may want to focus on neutrals, as well, especially if you are still trying out what fits you best. But, if you prefer vibrancy or more colors, just make sure to have the neutrals as your base. Remember, you can never go wrong with white, gray, and black tones.


For bottoms, you may think that the only option is leggings. This is not the case, at all, as there are tons of types and kinds of bottom pairs in the athleisure trend. There are even skirts, too.

But, in the case of owning the essentials first, you may want to start with black and gray leggings. As noted, neutrals are the base tones. Nevertheless, you can still choose other colors based on your preferences.

Apart from leggings, you can also include pairs of jogging pants and sweatpants. Whether you will use them for your fitness activities or running errands, they are great choices, too.


You should also have pairs of shoes in your athleisure wardrobe. Although you may think that sneakers are the only option, again, you will come across several footwear items that go well with this trend.

Even so, the essentials mostly center on the pairs of slip-on sneakers and athletic sneakers. They are ideal for any type of activity.

Also, do not forget to include the right and quality pairs of socks. If using them for workout or gym sessions, make sure to wear or utilize training socks to keep your feet and toes secure and safe.

It's Time To Embrace Athleisure, And Here's Why

Accessories and Add-Ons

In an athleisure wardrobe, some accessories are also part of the essentials. These include caps, sunglasses, and undergarments, like sports bras.

You must ensure to have these items in your wardrobe. They are necessary, especially undergarments.

Although you may still wear ordinary undergarments, especially when not going to the gym or doing your exercises, just make sure to wear the necessary items when they are needed.

Build Your Athleisure Wardrobe Today

Still unsure whether to embrace athleisure? If you are, there is nothing wrong with having second thoughts but, make sure that you have already assessed and evaluated the pros and cons of these items in your life before closing the doors.

Conversely, if you are now looking forward to building your wardrobe, then great for you! Also, do not be pressured to get it all at once. As mentioned, fitness and fashion are lifestyle, and so is athleisure. So, do it step-by-step, and enjoy the process.  As you move forward and go along, you will learn a lot more about this trend.