GG Fashion’s Collection Of Long Sports Bras!

    Everyone wants to stay fit and prioritize health! After all, these are the valuables a person can take pride in owning! You perform yoga and indulge yourself in several other fitness activities. You stay a lot enthusiastic, which you should always be. 

    Apart from energy drinks and motivational videos, there is something else you need to add to your list of must-haves, and yes, that is the attire! We know that you already own the trendiest flexible yoga and gym pants, super-comfy shoes, but that is not all! A long sports bra is a must-have for your fitness spirit to own.

    For attaining your goals, you break a sweat at your crucial hour, run and do other exercises. During those hours, it is not uncommon for a woman to feel awkward or uncomfortable following the impact on the breasts. Furthermore, breasts consist of soft tissues, and these fitness activities can make your breasts sag.

    To deal and battle with a problem like this, you need to own a high-quality sports bra or zip-up sports bra. Remember, all the unwanted breast movement while you have the go-ahead to work out can restrict you from achieving that fitness goal. GG Fashion brings you quality zip-up sports bras online. Bid a farewell to the unwanted discomfort!

    Get The Best Sports Bra Online! 

    When you think of the best sports bra, think of a lot more than the one that can protect the breasts from injury! Also, keep the importance of owning a comfortable fabric. Coming to what we at GG Fashion own, our zip-up sports bras have the high-quality fabric you can count on to reduce discomfort during workouts. 

    Zip up Sports bras are far better than regular bras, as they ensure the breasts retain their regular shapes. We know how awkward it can get to experience breast movements when you work out. While keeping all that in mind, we have covered style with all the basic needs. You can choose from a wide variety of collections like a low impact sports bra for slow workouts, a high impact sports bra for HIIT, cardio, running, etc. 

    Long Sports Bra For A Lot More Than Exercises

    Yes, sports bras work great for exercise, but that is not all! Do you know that you can wear many sports bras daily to match your level of style and size? Also, they are moisture-absorbing and have breathable fabric. Comfort, modesty, and style are the three must-count benefits! 

    Shop The Long Sports Bra This Way!

    So, what should you consider when going ahead to buy a sports bra? First of all, filter the bras from your collection based on the colour that can suit you. The next feature you ought to consider is the need for seamless cups. Also, ask yourself what kind of straps you need, racerback or regular straps!

    That's all! 

    Shop From Our Collection

    Now, let’s talk about shopping from us, which is easy peasy lemon squeezy! All you need to do is to browse our easy to navigate website. That is it, and you are all set to choose the product of your choice. Over here, you will find a variety of coloured zip-up sports bras, high and low impact bras at a price you will love. Choosing a sports bra is a lot more based on the kind of sports activities you perform. So, choose the one that fits your bodily needs accordingly! 

    Pro Tip!

    We all look for ways to maximise the lifelines of our bras, and cleaning them with care is one of the attempts to attain the same. For this reason, most of us prefer washing them with hands, which is fine as long as you realise that you are short on time and you have to wash your bra in the washing machine. Guess what? You can still save the lifeline of your bra without having to feel sorry about the damage you think you can be doing. For this, all you need to do is avail of the wash bags. Take them out, put your bras into them and mix them with the remaining bras. In the end, you can feel happy and satisfied for not putting the fabric of your bra at risk. You saved it! You cleaned it!

    Did You Know?

    Learning a new thing is a good habit and adding knowledge about something you use daily is more than best. Is it not? Without wasting any further time in conversations, let's come to the facts!

    1. Modern bras first came in the 1890s in France. It was a result of the development of the corset, which was divided into two parts. The material was majorly applied to the lower half, and that's how a how-waisted brief came into existence.

    1. What we today call bra originally had some other name. It was in the year 1907 that Vogue first put the word 'Brassiere' into use. Later, in 1911, the Oxford English Dictionary added another word 'brassiere.' So, do you want to know what it was called earlier?

    Things like bras were given many names, and one of them is Bodice Bundle or BB. Later on, people started calling it a brassiere. 

    1. Cup sizes make a lot of difference in making a bra comfortable, tight, perfect fit, or anything else. However, just like bras didn't exist in 1500 BC, cup sizes weren't there either. A little while after the bras became a must-have, cup sizes came into action. That happened in 1930, after the creation of cup-sizing systems by S.H. Camp & Company. The categorisation was done on the basis of size and was later labelled from A to D for making things easy. 
    1. Ever since the bras were brought into use, the original size then had a lot of alterations. To specify it further, there was no padded bra existing till 1947, and push-up bras took even longer to come. Whatever the trend is, whatever your need is, find all of it here. At GG Fashion, we proudly flaunt our collection of tall bras for you!

    That was all about Bras! We are now proudly Flaunting our collection of Bras for your needs!

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