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This site operates under the Girly Girls Fashion’s supervision and control. The “we”, “us”, and “our” are terms that are utilized all through this website allude to Girly Girls Fashion. This site, all data in this, instruments and administrations are offered by us to you, the user, concurred to recognize and endorse of all arrangements, provisions, terms, and conditions laid in this.
Upon visit to this site and/ or purchase of goods and services from us, you engage in our “Service” and conform to be bound by the subsequent terms and conditions, including those conditions and policies or existing hyperlinks added as a form of reference. These Terms of Service apply to any or all users that avail our services and products through the website, including those users who are browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and/ or contributors.
These Terms of Service of this website are recommended to be read carefully and understood prior to access. After a thorough review of the agreements stated herein, users who are to initiate using the website have approved to be covered by these Terms of Service. Those that are having oppositions regarding these provisions may not access and can’t take advantage of the services and products we offer. The choice to accept or not to accept these Terms of Service relies on you.
Those that are added to the store, including but not limited to new features or tools, shall be charged to be under the Terms of Service. The updated version of these Terms of Service shall be available for anyone who wish to access and read its contents and provisions that applies. We own the right to improve these Terms of Service, including but not limited to making of updates, changes, or replacement. The users are responsible in checking and examining any necessary changes made to these. After recognizing that changes have been made to these Terms of Service, in your own will to continue, you therefore agree and accept these new Terms of Service.
Girly Girls Fashion’s online store conducts businesses and sells quality products through a host. These are stationed on Shopify Inc.

You represent, upon approving all these Terms of Service, that you are at least the long-time of absolute majority in your state or province of abidance , or that you are the age of majority in your state or province and you have given us your consent to allow any of your minor dependant to use this site.
The illegal and unauthorized use of products and services or violating any existing laws, including but not limited to copyright laws, of Girly Girls Fashion is not encouraged.
Spreading of destructive worms, viruses, or any code is prohibited.
In Compliance and breach of the agreed Terms of Service will result to immediate discontinuance of your use of services.

Service refusal at any given time or circumstance for anyone is reserved under the rights of Girly Girls Fashion.
You hereby acknowledge that your personal information, except from your credit information, will be safely passed on from one network to another and will encounter necessary changes in order for your request to adapt to the different process. However, your credit card information will be encrypted during transmissions.
Without presenting written form of permission from us, you agree not to sell, resell, copy, or reproduce any portion of these Terms of Service, its functions, and its offered services.
It is only for the purpose of convenience that the heading of this section is used and it shall not affect or limit the terms included.

We shall not be deemed responsible for information laid on this site that is found to be incorrect, inadequate, or insufficient. These reasons shall not be used as bases of possible claims as users must consult more reliable or credible sources that exist for validation and verification purposes. Nonetheless, these materials may serve as information in general. Users must take the whole risk by themselves upon trust of the materials present in our site.
Other information such as historical information that might be current may be present on this site but only serves as reference. The obligation to make modifications is not due to Girly Girls Fashion but has the right to do so. Therefore, it is you, the user, which is obliged to explore possible changes on this site.

Products’ prices are subject to change without notice.
Undertaking revisions to any contents, changing of prices, or terminating services without prior notice are under the jurisdiction and rights of Girly Girls Fashion. We shall hold no liabilities to both the user and third parties for doing so.

Services or products’ exclusive illustration on the website may not connote its physical availability (may be physically limited due to bulk orders). Our Return Policy will take over any possible returns or exchanges of the purchased products or services offered by us.
Girly Girls Fashion cannot give its full assurance for customers to get what they expected in terms of physical variations such as colour. The displays on the website may have a different actual features and these issue may be influenced technically by your computer display screen.
In case-to-case basis, with our reserved rights, we might impose order or purchase limitations to any person and any location, including but not limited to the products quantity or services we sell or offer. Further, we reserve the right to change product descriptions or product prices without prior notice and terminate any products under our influence or care. Products that are void are prohibited to be offered in this site.

We retain the right to reject order requests submitted with us by the customer. By our sole discretion, we may limit or cancel orders with respect to the quantity of products of any person, household or order. Orders placed under the same account or person, credit card, or address may also be subject to restrictions. In the event of cancelation of orders due to constraints, we can send an alert by e-mail or by phone number available. Furthermore, the prohibition also extends to retailers, resellers or distributors who have been found to have imposed an order.
The customer agrees, upon using our site, to provide full, up-to-date and correct details with their accounts and transactions. Further, the customer agrees that he is responsible to amend his information that he has changed such as email address, phone numbers, credit card or even personal information on his account for quicker and more complete purchases.
Please check our Return Policies for more information.

We may grant you a permission to use tools that are under the jurisdiction, uncovered with our power, of a third party
Without any warranty, terms or representations as well as endorsement, access given in such a tool shall be at "as is" and "as available” bases. We will not be held responsible in the occurrence of problems in relation to optional third party software. All of these are accepted and agreed upon by you.
Risk and responsibility on the part of the user for the use of these optional tools offered by the site, you must ensure that you are familiar with the tools and terms provided by the respective third party service provider/s.
We might suggest new services on this website for your use, such as the release of new tools and resources in the future. These future features will also be covered by the Terms of Service.
You express your prior approval to receive messages in line with promotions and marketing in the event that you give consent via website or text. Such messages may be sent in the form of SMS (text messages) via a telephone caller or a computer-generated system. In addition, messages to be sent by the recipient may be cart-leave messages that may differ in frequency. This service is not one of the buying requirements, but an option. If you want to unsubscribe, respond to any promotional messages from us with "STOP" and we will immediately stop sending you these messages. You will contact us at or respond "HELP" to any message you have received from us if you need assistance.
A subscription to our advertising or marketing notifications requires a charge that you be alerted by your network carrier via a confirmation text message. The prices and costs differ on the data plan for your cell service. It is suitable for users to contact their mobile phone network provider to better understand how they are deducted and how they are billed any time they browse, email, or accept text messages.
In certain cases, we and our associates are not accountable for any matter concerning a completely separate person or organization that has complete access to the customer’s wireless and wired equipment. Neither we nor the cellular providers are responsible for delays in processing receipts, confirmations, text messages, or even distribution errors, as orders are contingent on successful transmission from the network provider or operator and that text messages are distributed on a "as is" basis. The included data to be collected from the recipient is the mobile phone number, date, time, the message itself, and your network provider. The information gathered can be used, in compliance with our privacy policy, to contact you and for other purposes. The urgency and affirmation to correct the missing details must be at hand in case the customer updates or deactivates his phone number. Through doing so, we would prevent the declared number from being contacted that may be under the ownership of another user or person. Otherwise, unless you have adhered to the above procedures for unsubscribing, we will continue to practice the agreed standard messaging services.

Provisions from third parties may be attached from the services, products, and contents accessible in our Service.
Unaffiliated third parties may direct you to their own websites via links that are available on this site. The assessment and review of the accuracy of the contents is not covered by this we and will not take any steps as we are not responsible or liable for such materials, products, and services belonging to third parties outside our authority and dominion.
We should not be responsible for any harm and damage caused to third party sites while including or purchasing products, resources, services, content, and other content. Before engaging and making any transactions, these third party sites have their own terms, policies, and regulations that users must understand. Accordingly, all grievances, accusations, inquiries and issues relating to the goods and services of third parties shall be answered by them and shall be communicated directly to them.

You accept that innovative ideas, feedback, proposals, suggestions, and other materials can undergo unlimited editing, printing, publication, dissemination, and translation at any time. These ideas that are submitted to us for particular submissions such as contest entries by electronic or postal mail, web, and other potential contact tools such as online and offline comments or suggestions without our permission shall not be our responsibility or obligation even to retain the confidence of any comments or recommendations, to reimburse or to respond to any of it.
However, we may track, edit and delete material that, in our absolute discretion, is determined to be against the law, violent or insulting, threatening, libellous, pornographic or indecent, defamatory, and those that violate these Terms of Service and infringement of intellectual property, but not compulsory.
You, the consumer, accept that no third party rules and privileges shall be in violation of any remarks to be made by you. This must not be restricted to the copyright, privacy and trademark rights of third parties, including personal or exclusive rights. In addition, you accept that any comments that you make should not contain any virus or malware that could threaten the service or the property of that service or others, and that any comments that are libellous or illegal, violent, pornographic or obscene may not be made.
In order to prevent deceptive statements and inappropriate identification, it is illegal to use fraudulent email addresses and fictitious personal details and profile. It is you, the user, who is responsible for misleading and irresponsible comments that you share and we are not responsible for comments that you and third parties share, publish, or comment on.

Our Privacy Policy protects your personal information that are either collected by us or submitted by you.

Details involving typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions can sometimes be discovered on site or inside the Service. Prices, deals, product specifications, deals, delivery costs, inventory, and shipping time can be linked to this. We reserve the right to make adjustments and improvements, to make changes to those mistakes, inaccuracies or omissions, and even to cancel orders containing details of this nature on the Website or in the Service without advance warning, even after order placing is done.
We are under no duty to correct, change or explain the material on the web. Unless required by statute, this activity is not limited to adjusting price details. When it comes to updating or refreshing the Service and other sites, no specification is applied as all information should be taken from the Service or other sites demonstrating that the change or update has been made.

The Terms of Service covers these prohibitions. The customer is hereby barred from using the website or its facilities for the following reasons or purposes: (a) violation of any unlawful act; (b) initiation of the consumer to conduct or engage in any unlawful act; (c) infringement of municipal, federal or international legislation, rules, regulations and regulations; (d) infringement of intellectual property and rights; (e) assault, violence, damage, provocation, defamation, discrimination (gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, disability, race, etc.) and slander; (f) disclosure of false or misleading information; (g) disclosure or leakage of viruses, malware and other malicious codes which are likely to affect property; (h) monitoring or harvesting of other people's personal information; (i) spamming, phishing; (j) immorality; or (k) bypassing the security features of this and other websites. If there is a breach of these conditions, we reserve the right to dismiss and terminate your use of the service.

We are unable to offer guarantee and warrant that the use of our service is free of interference, technological issues, security problems or errors.
The accuracy and durability in the use of the acquired service is not assured.
You, the customer, consent, without advance warning, to delete or terminate services from time to time for an indefinite period.
You, the customer, accept that your responsibility is exclusively for the service during your use or failure to use it. All implied terms and assurances relating to the consistency, merchantability, intent, reliability, title, or non-infringement representations of the goods sold and supplied through the service are "as is" and "as available" for your use.
We shall not be responsible, including our management, officials, agents, staff, affiliates, vendors, interns, contractors, service providers or licensors for any circumstances such as loss (item, benefit, profits, savings, records, cost of replacement), accident, demand, damages (consequential, unique, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or special) or neglect. Users have an attached responsibility for the use of this service in the purchase of services or goods and there are allegations relating to products that are uploaded, distributed or rendered available via this service with potential mistakes or omissions, such as failure or harm, or in some manner that even users are aware of the possibilities. As certain states or jurisdictions do not allow exclusion from committing and being responsible for losses that are consequential or accidental, we are restricted to only practicing the full degree allowed by statute.

Girly Girls Fashion, including its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, agents, contractors, licensors, service providers, subcontractors, suppliers, interns and employees shall be indemnified, defended, or held harmless from possible claims or demands including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees and other legality-related expenses versus another party due to your personal commitment, breach of security, violations of the applicable laws, Terms, and provisions of their own.

The unlawful or unenforceable determined parts or provisions of these Terms of Service shall not affect the enforceability of the remaining parts or provisions of these Terms of Service. These remaining appropriate and stately provisions shall be permitted to be imposed to its fullest extent in consideration to the applicable law that governs the state. Otherwise, the determined unlawful parts or specific provision shall be excluded or severed.

The parties’ obligations and liabilities incurred before the date of the termination shall survive the agreement’s termination for all purposes.
The termination and the effectivity of these Terms of Service rely on either you or us. These are effective unless you are to request for termination or you refrain using our website.
The compliance to the terms or provisions of these Terms of Service shall be considered, otherwise, if suspected or found not compliant, the agreement between you and us shall be terminated immediately without your knowledge or without you being notified; you may be restricted or blocked from using the website, its services, and products. All liabilities due to you upon using the website and services until the date of termination shall be covered by your responsibility.

Girly Girls Fashion’s failure in working out any of these rights or implementing any of these provisions under these Terms of Service shall not cause renunciation of certain provision or right.
Prior versions of these Terms of Service, contemporaneous agreements, and oral or written proposals are superseded by the posted Terms of Service, policies, and operating rules on the website. Furthermore, these Terms of Service governs your utilization of the services and that you agree and understand to its constitution.
These shall not be used against the drafting party, in any case, some portions of these Terms of Service are found to be vague.

Other separate agreements where we provide our service/s and these Terms of Service shall be covered and governed accordingly by the law of the United States of America.

Anytime, users may view and access these updated Terms of Service on this very site.
The updates, changes to make or made, or replacements in these Terms of Service are in sole discretion of Girly Girls Fashion. Any of these actions however shall be known and posted on the website. It is under the user’s responsibility to check these actions done on an occasion. The acceptance of new Terms of Service is determined once the user continues to use and avail services of this website after a series of update, change, or replacement are made on the Terms of Service.

Any reactions and questions must be directed to

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